Arrow Vibrating Foam Roller

  • $ 100.00

The Arrow was designed in collaboration with professional athletes and olympians to provide the optimal vibrational therapy solution. Its unique surface area allows for a seamless foam rolling experience while providing massage zones to relieve muscle tensions.

Why vibrational foam rolling is the next level of recovery:

  • THREE VIBRATIONAL SPEEDS increase blood flow and target deep tissue to provide myofascial and trigger point release. Pulsation has been clinically proven to promote muscle mobility and flexibility. Choose your comfort level for peak relief.
  • DUAL MASSAGE ZONES deliver a smooth and variable massage experience that seamlessly adapts to individual muscle recovery needs for your maximum benefit.
  • RECHARGEABLE Li-Ion Battery that lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge to produce optimal self-massage on the go. Be prepared for an active warm-up before the workout and for a proper cool-down to soothe sore muscles when finished.
  • TRAVEL HANDLE to aim the ARROW anywhere. The portable 13-inch size makes this compact tool easy to carry in a bag for therapy wherever and whenever it is needed.
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES who are already using the ARROW as a part of their daily routine. A tool created to offer the edge in training by assisting in injury prevention and accelerating the recovery process. Trusted by the best and built for every goal.