Brooks Men's Ghost 12 Wide (2E)

  • $ 110.00
  • Save $ 20

The new Brooks Ghost 12! Brooks has slightly tweaked a couple aspects of the shoe - mainly the upper - but the overall character of the shoe remains the same. For Brooks’ best selling model, that is a great thing.

Brooks has refined the Ghost for the 12th version, updating the upper and slightly tweaking the midsole, while leaving the overall feel and fit of the shoe very similar to the past few generations. The fit and feel of the shoe is similar, but there are some slight changes:

Ghost 12 vs Ghost 11:

  • Brooks has not significantly changed the midsole, so the overall feel of the 12 is similar to the 11
  • The 12 is a little more plush - most notably in the forefoot, and there's a little more foam under your foot
  • The midsole is a very similar design, but there seems to be a little wider platform in the heel
  • With those slight changes to the midsole, we have seen a little increase in inherent stability
  • While the foam might be little wider, the upper seems to be a little tighter
  • The price has increased by $10 to $130

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