Brooks Men's Glycerin 17

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After a complete redesign for the Brooks Glycerin in its 16th version, the Glycerin 17 is mainly a color refresh with no design changes to the midsole or outsole. Let's see how the new one fits, feels, and functions!

The new Glycerin continues to be Brooks' maximum-cushion neutral trainer. The 17 still follows in the long line of soft, pillowly Glycerins and might be a little softer than the 16 despite Brooks claiming to use the same midsole and outsole material.

Brooks Glycerin 16 vs 17:

  • Overall, the two shoes are very similar
  • The upper has also been tweaked to produce a slightly softer feel
  • That plush upper does seem to take up a little more room, creating a slightly narrower feel throughout and slightly reducing the toebox depth
  • That mesh upper is flexible enough that most runners shouldn't have any issues with toebox room (even if the 15 was notable for its roomy toebox)
  • Weight is very similar between the two - Brooks has shaved a little weight, but nothing that you're going to notice on-foot
  • The ride is very similar and Brooks claims that no changes we made to the midsole, but the first batch of 17s that we have received in the store feels softer than the last batch of 16s
  • The feel will likely even out over various production runs - the first batch of 16s that we received had a significant difference in softness between the two midsole colors
  • Overall, an update from Brooks that won't alienate any users of the 16 and with some potential "bonus" softness, it could win against some other "max cushion" competitors

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