Brooks Men's Launch 6

  • $ 80.00
  • Save $ 20

The new Launch 6 - Brooks' lightweight neutral trainer gets an update! A little more underneath the forefoot and with the strobel back, the Launch 6 gets pretty close to the feel of the Launch 4. With slight changes to the upper and midsole, the Launch continues to shine as Brooks' lightest "energize" trainer.

Brooks Launch 6 vs 5!

  • After removing the strobel in favor of a simple mesh in the Launch 5, the 6 brings the strobel back, adding a little bit of cushion and creating a slightly higher and less cradling ride
  • The midsole has also been updated to give a slightly softer ride, getting back to the feel of the Launch 4 and away from the more responsive/less cushioned Launch 5
  • The upper has been redesigned, but it continues to be light and flexible without significant overlays
  • Brooks claims that the new Launch 6 is a little bit lighter than the 5, but the production models that we have in-store are actually a little heavier than the traditional upper Launch 5s but a little lighter than the heather upper Launch 5
  • The new upper might provide a little more volume than the Launch 5, but the overall platform might be a touch narrower

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