Mizuno Men's Wave Sky Waveknit 3 WIDE (2E)

  • $ 130.00

The third generation of the Wave Sky brings a huge change for Mizuno, no wave plate! The new version stays true to the design goals of the Sky - maximum cushion from Mizuno!

In a big move for Mizuno, the Sky has no plastic wave plate in the midsole. While the plate is the trademark mechanism for Mizuno, it was preventing their designers from competing with some of the other max-cushion shoes from other brands. Let's see how the removal of the plate has affected the overall fit, feel, and function of the shoe.

Mizuno Wave Sky 2 vs Wave Sky WaveKnit 3:

  • The new upper gets rid of the overlays and introduces Mizuno's WaveKnit upper construction to the shoe
  • FlyKnit construction is more forgiving than the more traditional upper of the Sky 2, but might be a little more tapered in the toebox
  • Huge changes to the midsole of the shoe, creating a very different overall experience from the Sky 2
  • The overall character of the shoe is still plush, soft, and cushioned 
  • But the removal of the plate has allowed Mizuno to create a much better ride - with a better transition 
  • Overall, the shoe feels lighter and more playful than the Sky 2, while still feeling softer
  • Despite the wide platform, there's very limited stability in the new Sky 3
  • Weight might have gone down a little bit, and with the new flexible midsole you really feel the difference in weight

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