MIZUNO Men's Waveknit R2

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Mizuno continues to update (and confuse) their neutral shoe lineup with the WaveKnit R2. Following up the short-lived release of the WaveKnit R1 this summer, Mizuno has already updated the WaveKnit by releasing the R2. The R2 isn't really a all-new shoe, though. It's more of a mashup of the upper from the WaveKnit R1 with the midsole and wave plate from the Wave Rider 22. Does the mashup change the overall character of the Rider? Let's find out!

The WaveKnit R2 combines the upper from the WaveKnit R1 with the midsole and outsole of the Wave Rider 22, so the overall experience is very similar to the Rider 22.

  • The most noticeable difference in the R2 from the R1 is that it uses the new softer wave plate from the Wave Rider 22. The R1 featured the Wave Rider 21's Wave Plate which was a little firmer than the 22/R2.
  • With a new full-length knit upper, the Waveknit R2 is a little narrower in the toebox and through mid-foot, but the knit upper does provide flexibility for slightly wider feet
  • The redesigned Wave Plate and midsole from the Rider 22 create a higher ride overall, going from 30mm/18mm to 32/20 but maintaining the 12mm drop
  • Length appears to be near (in running terms) true-to-size - go with your standard size on the R2

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