Starter Kit for all runners (Running Journal + Run Walk Run Vibrating Timer)

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TIMER: This run walk run vibrating timer with stopwatch easily sets up your run/walk intervals. The timer can be set for any two different intervals from 2 seconds to 99 minutes & offers alarm by beep, vibrate or both. Has clip. AAA battery not included. This item is about the size of a pedometer.

JOURNAL: Jeff Galloway tells how to set up a successful training program to avoid injury, improve endurance and run faster. Galloway's magic mile; is used to predict performance and set a safe pace for long runs Specific run-walk-run strategies are set up based upon current ability. Scheduling of running form drills is explained. Galloway details how to use the training journal to schedule long runs, drills, speed workouts rest days, etc. The 52 week journal is easy to use and easy to analyze. Autographed.

* Be in charge of your training.
* Pulse and injury log
* How to predict performance