Strassburg Plantar Fasciitis Sock

  • $ 39.50

Plantar Fasciitis Sock for relief of PF.

The most common symptom of plantar fasciitis is morning heel pain. Many sufferers describe the pain as a sharp stabbing or burning pain felt upon those first morning steps. They often turn to heel pads or gel insoles to cushion the area thinking that it is something sharp that needs to be padded. What’s actually happening is that the plantar fascia is tearing away from the heel. The fascia is stretched throughout the day and then contracts and heals in a relaxed position at night. It’s similar to having a cut on your knuckle that never heals because the area is constantly being flexed. For many years doctors have prescribed night splints hoping to help relieve the morning pain by stretching the calf. Calf tightness can predispose someone to develop plantar fasciitis but treating the problem but calf stretching is like washing your hands after you already have a cold. It’s too late. The Strassburg Sock doesn’t stretch the calves but flexes the foot without uncomfortably pulling on the toes. This places tension directly on the plantar fascia by taking advantage of something called the Windlass Mechanism.

How long do I have to use the Strassburg Sock?

The Strassburg Sock is designed to be worn at night while sleeping, or during periods of extended rest. For optimum results, the sock should be worn for a minimum of 6 hours per night until the sufferers has 7 pain free mornings. In an independent medical research study, the largest every conducted on any night splint this was an average of 18.5 days and 97.8% of patients recovering within 8 weeks.