Timex Ironman Move x20

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It’s all about you. Understand how you move, or don’t, so you can live better. Track all-day activity, monitor sleep time and quality.
Pair with your smartphone to get texts on your wrist, set goals and discover patterns to turn insight in to action. 

  • Captures all-day activity including steps, distance and calories burned
  • Tracks workouts with real time distance, pace, calories burned and total time
  • Wirelessly syncs to your iOS or Android Smartphone via free app for easy viewing
  • Monitors sleep levels throughout the night and assesses quality
  • Displays text alerts and incoming calls directly on your wrist and convenient Phone Finder allows you to track down a missing phone.Kindly refer the user manual attached below for troubleshooting steps and instructions.
Timex IRONMAN Move x20 Activity Tracker
You’re constantly on the go. It’s time to get credit for all that activity. Working seamlessly with your iOS or Android smartphone, the Timex IRONMAN Move x20 activity tracker measures your movement all day, tracks your workouts and even helps you stay on top of texts and calls. It gives you the tools you need to turn your actions into insights, and helps pace you perfectly in that little race called “life.”
So You Want to Work Out?
  • To be considered a Timex IRONMAN, we need a product that can do more than just capture movement. That is why we built in a Workout Mode, perfect for more intense exercise. Armed with a stopwatch timer, you’ll see your real-time distance and pace throughout your run along with your steps and calories burned. Post-workout, you will be able to separate your workout data from your everyday activity via the app.

Why Break Stride?

  • There’s nothing worse than hearing the phone ring and struggling to find it in your bag or pocket (or realizing it’s nowhere to be found). Now, with a simple turn of the wrist, you can see who is calling. You can also read any incoming texts. And if the phone itself appears to be MIA, simply activate the Phone Finder feature to find which couch cushion is hiding your phone.

Sleep It Off

  • It’s the most important thing that none of us get enough of. But if you can’t sleep longer, at least sleep smarter. By understanding more about what happens after you close your eyes, you can determine what diet and lifestyle choices have the most impact on the quality of your sleep.
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